ZERO MOTORCYCLES – The Electric Motorcycle Company - Official ...

Manufacturer of 100% electric motorcycles for the street and dirt. Designed to be powerful, efficient and thrilling to ride - crafted in California.


  • Dealer Application 21 Sep '18, 4pm

    Drive your business into the next generation of transportation technology, become the leader in your area and benefit from the interest generated by a rapidly growing new industry. Zero Motorcycles’ line of fully electric motorcycles allows your business to generate new revenue and ne...

  • FX Electric Motorcycle 27 Aug '18, 11pm

    The Zero FX is available in two battery configurations. The ZF3.6 features modular battery technology that allows riders to add a second battery to double range and makes it possible to fully “recharge” by quickly swapping batteries on the fly. The ZF7.2 is fully integrated into the m...

  • @CatBailey I actually don't know what this means, but I do know there is a military version of this bike available.

    Electric Motorcycles for the Military 27 Aug '18, 11pm

    No exhaust and exceptionally stealthy, the Zero MMX holds unique tactical advantages over traditional internal combustion alternatives. The 100% electric powertrain offers personnel the ability to rapidly move over technical terrain while making virtually no noise and emitting no smel...

  • @DanRDimicco Don't forget @ZeroMC - a member of the Made in USA Hall of Fame!

    Inducted into “Made in the USA” Hall of Fame 25 Jun '18, 11pm

    Zero Motorcycles Inducted into “Made in the USA” Hall of Fame – Honored for Commitment to United States-Based Assembly and Job Creation – Scot Harden, Vice President of Global Marketing for Zero Motorcycles, accepting the Made In The U.S.A. Hall of Fame award from Joel Joseph, Chairma...

  • Well it would seem I have no patience. Going to test drive one of these sexy machines tomorrow tomorrow.

    S Electric Motorcycle 07 Jul '18, 1am

    Longest Range Electric Motorcycle The Zero S is our farthest traveling model (and the longest-range production electric motorcycle on earth). At its core is the highest power and energy density battery in the EV industry. The higher the battery capacity, the more range. Select the bat...

  • Mountain Motorsport Demo Day 11 Jun '18, 10pm

    Demo a High Performance Electric Motorcycle Come meet our team, ride a Zero and join us for lunch. Slots are limited and will fill up prior to the event. To ensure your demo ride we recommend making a reservation online or by phone. To schedule a demo ride at Mountain Motorsport Demo ...

  • The Electric Motorcycle Company - Official Site 09 Apr '18, 7am

    In only 10 years Zero has grown from a startup in a Santa Cruz garage into an internationally respected brand that is revolutionizing the motorcycle industry.

  • Time to Ride 01 Apr '18, 2pm

    No words, pictures or videos can convey the unique and exhilarating experience of riding a Zero. To schedule a demo ride, for more info and/or to sign up for our newsletter, please enter your information or call (888) 786-9376 ext. 1. Based on your location and inquiry, someone from Z...

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