25 Dec '16, 5am

@FederalTrap @LeakingDNS

Defaced By Incitements/LeakingDNS [ My twitter ] Hello there, I'm Incitements. I'm here to inform you, your website has been hacked. Your security was terrible, I've not touched anything. DM me on twitter for this back. If you refuse to contact me, I will take your website again. You can also skype Me, my skype is live:xxfuzzionsxx NOTE: Harmless retard @CyberLeakz had his deface page here, sadly I came to replace it >;D

Full article: http://calstart.org/files/Forrums.html


#Philippine #Military Website #Hacked and Defaced

hackread.com 02 Jan '17, 5pm

Upon visiting the website, users were welcomed with a deface page displaying messages like “Surprise! Philippine Army you ...