31 May '16, 8am

Cost-effective synthesis of NiFe-layered double hydroxides nanosheets as efficient OER catalyst

… Recently, the low-cost NiFe-derived layered material, spinel and oxides were reported to display promising performances of OER in alkaline solutions. … However, LDHs still suffers from poor electronic conductivity and electron transportation. To reduce these drawbacks, the conductivity and activity of LDHs has been further enhanced by coupling to a carbon nanotube, graphene-like network or by exfoliation. … The resulted LDHs by exfoliation methods often display thin nanosheets with better conductivity and large space between the layers. However, the synthesis still requires multiple steps of LDH precursor synthesis, anion-exchange, exfoliation in high boiling point solvents (e.g., formamide or N-methylpyrrolidone) and final removal of these high boiling points solvent. The removal of high boiling point solvents often associates with the utilization of excessive ester and...

Full article: http://www.greencarcongress.com/2016/05/20160531-nife.html