29 Feb '16, 12pm

Tanaka introducing electrode catalysts for electrolysis

Tanaka introducing electrode catalysts for electrolysis 29 February 2016 Tanaka Precious Metals will be showcasing a number of its hydrogen fuel cell and electrolyzer technologies at FC EXPO 2016—12th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expo,” at Tokyo Big Sight in March. Among the technologies on display will be its first-ever exhibit of electrode catalysts for polymer electrolyte electrolysis cells (PEECs). These electrode catalysts are used as the anodes (oxygen-generation poles) in water electrolysis systems. The company says it has succeeded with catalyst surface control, and is currently mass producing the catalysts. Other hydrogen and fuel-cell items Tanaka will display include: Electrode catalysts for fuel cells (platinum catalysts, platinum/ruthenium catalysts and platinum/cobalt catalysts). Palladium alloy hydrogen permeable films. Palladium allows the permeatio...

Full article: http://www.greencarcongress.com/2016/02/20160229-tanaka.html


Introducing the Raspberry Pi 3

hackaday.com 29 Feb '16, 7am

The latest boards heralded as a Raspberry Pi killer are the Pine64 and Odroid XU4 The XU4 costs $70 and on that basis can ...

Introducing The Nike SB Clutch

Introducing The Nike SB Clutch

kicksonfire.com 29 Feb '16, 2am

Said to be inspired by the Nike SB Janoski, the SB Clutch is a more affordable option that shares a lot of similarities wi...

"Introducing the Raspberry Pi 3"

hackaday.com 29 Feb '16, 7am

Pretty much what OLD_HACK said… 64-bit processor is trivial without having the memory to support it. Nothing like going fr...


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Be There. Introducing The Bing Network.

Be There. Introducing The Bing Network.

searchengineland.com 07 Mar '16, 12pm

At Bing, we’re building a platform that gives people “knowledge for doing” in a more natural, predictive and personal way....