19 Oct '15, 5pm

Electric Scooter for sale: 2002 Sol Gato II

Owner's Other EVs 1992 Ford Escort LX Wagon 2010 Electra Cruiser Torker T510 Hybrid 1992 Nissan D21 Pickup Location Baton Rouge, Louisiana US map Email Vehicle 2002 Sol Gato II Made by a now defunct electric vehicle company. I believe this was the only model they sold. Motor Permanent Magnet DC Rated: 1 HP @ 24 V, 91 A max. I am feeding it 36 V and it still stays cool. Drivetrain Single speed chain drive Controller Curtis 24/36 V, 175 A max Batteries 12 GBS 20 Ah, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate Slightly used LFPs from another project. OEM model had two 12 V deep cycle lead-acid batteries mounted on the floor. My LFPs will be hidden under the body panels. System Voltage 38 Volts Charger Using a 36 V lead-acid charger temporarily. The size and type of LFP charger will be up to the buyer, but I will install it. Heater Louisiana DC/DC Converter Some 90 W converter from Amaz...

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Grootste NAVO-oefening sinds 2002 begonnen

defensie.nl 19 Oct '15, 1pm

Grootste NAVO-oefening sinds 2002 begonnen Nieuwsbericht | 19-10-2015 | 15:53 Maar liefst 36.000 militairen uit meer dan 3...