10 Oct '15, 2pm

Transforming 'Hype' Into Hyperloop

Transforming 'Hype' Into Hyperloop

JD: Now is the time for a Hyperloop system, because technology has advanced to a point where we can make it happen at a tractable cost. For example, consider that it’s only in the last 20 years that Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has combined with high power computing to simulate real 3D fluid dynamics problems. For the Hyperloop system, we’re designing a compressor that has to operate efficiently in a low pressure environment – CFD is an invaluable asset in this development. A second example, is that Neodymium magnets were developed in 1982 and only really made it to higher temperature operation in the last decade. It’s not that a ‘vehicle in a tube’ concept has never been considered, but that now is the time when technologies exist that can enable us to make it a reality. We’re on the precipice of the autonomous vehicle revolution and Hyperloop will be leveraging the...

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How #Technology Is Transforming #Luxury #RealEstate #Marketing.

How #Technology Is Transforming #Luxury #RealEs...

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The advantages in saved time, travel, and money are obvious. Right now, the filming process is still a bit cumbersome, so ...