31 Jul '12, 6pm

Big Chevy closeout deals have 2013 Malibu Eco sitting on lots in favor of 2012 models

Hm.... maybe pricing is significantly different for 2013? because i'm seeing a $3,000 difference between the eco and base model on Chevrolet's site. This $6k gap either does not exist, or started just this year. Anyway the Malibu mild hybrid is a flop IMHO. You can get a Hyundai Sonata that gets about 1-2mpg less combined for a lower price than a base Malibu. And Chevy wonders why their car isn't selling.. ;)

Full article: http://green.autoblog.com/2012/07/31/big-chevy-closeout-d...



tokyo42195.org 03 Aug '12, 4am

抽選決定のお知らせ(マラソン) ランナーの一般募集を8月1日(水)午前10時から開始したところ、申込み初日で、マラソン(42.195㎞)の一般募集定員を超えましたので、抽選となることをお知らせします。 なお、引き続き大会ホームページにて8月31...