29 Mar '15, 6pm

fixed parking allotment, 4500 sensors to monitor traffic conditions, and leading mass transit, #zurich is a dsn gem

When it comes to transportation options and smart city planning, you can argue Zurich, Switzerland takes the top prize in the world. The city has deployed a number of polices and practices that make commuting, living and working in Zurich a pleasant experience whichever mode (or modes) of travel you use. For one, back in the mid-1990s, via a city decree referred to as “The Great Compromise”, Zurich decided it keep their number of parking spaces fixed at current levels. So on the rare occasion they need to justify building new parking spaces, they must find other areas within the city limits to eliminate parking. And as a bonus: many of the new spaces come in the form of underground garages, which allows for more car-free streets, plazas and shared space solutions. Secondly, Zurich has a very intricate series of over 4500 sensors throughout the city designed to monitor the ...

Full article: http://gas2.org/2014/11/22/zurich-says-no-cars-yes-people/