31 Aug '14, 12pm

"Stuck" Charger Glitch

I've read about the glitch where a charger won't stop charging for a long time and can potentially damage the battery. Those who have observed that, do you have more information about it? So far, I've had the chance to see that phenomenon twice. And I suspect I did not recognize it as such a couple of other times when I jad unusually long charging cycles. In my case it goes as follows: the CP stage competes seemingly normal (normal time/voltage) and the CC stage begins. The display shows 142V and never moves up from there. 4.5-5 hours later, the charger shuts off (If I recall, without an EC stage. Basically, the timeout safety timer for the CC charge cycles seems to be shutting the charger off. I am running the "you know who's" modified ESD charger firmware ;). Don't know if that makes any difference, but in a Harry Potter style, in order to avoid any possible accusations ...

Full article: http://visforvoltage.org/forum/13864-stuck-charger-glitch