25 Feb '18, 11am

Wuhan University team proposes structure-variable sliding mode control of IPMSM in EVs #BelugaSolar

A structure-variable sliding mode control is a kind of nonlinear control method which can self-adjust in accordance with the current state of the system. The researchers reported that, comparing with the conventional proportional–integral controller, their proposed sliding mode control algorithm has more reliable control performance. In the electric vehicle driving system, the motor speed should closely follow a specified reference trajectory, regardless of any load disturbance, parameter variation, and model uncertainty. Additionally, a wide speed range covers the constant torque, and the constant power region is desired. For electric vehicles, there exist inevitable interferences such as current coupling, friction force, parameter variation, as well as load disturbance during the running process. Due to the presence of these interferences, it is difficult to describe IPM...

Full article: http://www.greencarcongress.com/2018/02/20180225-wuhan.html


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