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  • UPDATE: The Gediz Delta has been saved! Read more here.

    Irreplaceable: Gediz Delta, Turkey – a bridge over troubled waters | 14 Aug '18, 11am

    The conservation world recognises the Gediz Delta’s significance. Not only is it listed as an Important Bird & Biodiversity Area (IBA) and a Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) , but also a Ramsar site – a wetland of international importance. But it is also in danger. The Gediz River is pollu...

  • A race against crime: 5 years of Champions of the Flyway 13 Aug '18, 8am

    More than one million birds are illegally killed in Greece alone each year. For years, HOS has struggled to get support for better legal enforcement. With funding from Champions of the Flyway, it launched a new awareness raising campaign targeting tourists on two of Greece’s most popu...

  • Inside #Asia's #Forests of Hope: A Photo Essay | BirdLife #wildlife #animals

    Inside Asia's Forests of Hope: A Photo Essay 06 Aug '18, 11pm

    There were many special moments on the shoot according to Olesen, but one in particular stands out. "In Bardia National Park in Nepal we went down to the river to see if we could spot any elephants. Within 15 minutes a herd of elephants arrived and we got a lot of good pictures. Then ...

  • It's critically endangered, but is this incredible ibis bouncing back?

    Important new breeding sites of mythical ibis discovered 05 Aug '18, 11am

    As the day drew to a close, the orange light reflecting from the Atlantic seemed to soften the texture of the sun-baked Moroccan cliffs so much so they looked like they could crumble in an instant. There the birds were: perched on a couple of sloping, sandstone ledges, an entire colon...

  • The Black-tailed Godwit rebounds in Sweden | BirdLife

    The Black-tailed Godwit rebounds in Sweden 10 Aug '18, 2am

    Targetted conservation work is desperately needed to reverse the fortunes of at-risk species, and BirdLife is a strong advocate for coordinated Species Action Plans (SAPs). These require close cooperation within a wide partnership of governments, researchers, NGOs and key interest gro...

  • Nearly a million flamingos flock to this lake, so we're trying to make sure it's protected.

    Argentina is about to get its largest National Park 31 Jul '18, 1am

    Enshrining the lake's colloquial name in the national park title speaks volumes. Community engagement – participatory planning, empowering local stakeholders and establishing a network of 'local conservation guardians' – has been integral to Aves Argentinas' strategy from the outset. ...

  • Can bird-friendly farmers help Turtle Dove populations recover?

    The voice of the Turtle Dove 01 Aug '18, 4pm

    Jamie Wyver from RSPB explains why bird-friendly farmers are the key to making sure that the voice of the Turtle Dove is heard over the United Kingdom “The winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing has come, and the voice of the tu...

  • Chasing ghosts: how technology is helping track the bird that mysteriously disappeared 31 Jul '18, 9am

    The study involved the analysis of stable isotopes harvested from feathers of 35 Slender-billed Curlew specimens kindly donated from all around the world. These atoms are tiny traces of the environment (such as food or water) that are transferred into body tissues when the bird consum...

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