29 Aug '16, 10pm

Portable hydroelectric generator lets you take your power station with you

Portable hydroelectric generator lets you take your power station with you

Just add moving water for clean, quiet, offgrid energy. For outdoor adventure folks, having a portable power source that can be recharged with solar or wind energy can make a big difference in our outings, as many of us like to bring a camera, GPS, lights, and maybe even a music player with us, but we don't want to run out of juice along the way. And now there's another option for powering gear while out in the backcountry, but this time the energy source is running water, so if you spend time on rivers or streams, then the Estream might be the gizmo you've been waiting for. Currently (pun intended) in the middle of a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Estream, from the South Korean startup Enomad, is a small lightweight hydropower generator with an integrated battery, which is intended to be deployed in running water, where it can produce up to 5W of clean energy, even ...

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