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What happens to Rio’s stadiums now that the Olympics are over? https://t.co/h3whs6b6z9

What happens to Rio’s stadiums now that the Olympics are over? https://t.co/h3whs6b6z9

Long after the athletes have packed up their Speedos and the torch has gone out, the structures that house the 2016 Olympics will remain. While Rio de Janeiro used its existing national soccer stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies, it also built a number of other stadiums and venues for the games — and displaced 80,000 residents in the process. So what’s to come of all those buildings once everyone has taken their balls and gone home? The Rio games were billed as a model for sustainability, but they failed in many respects — from polluted waterways to nightmarish congestion to the construction of a golf course on a nature preserve . But one of the more important indicators of an event’s sustainability is what happens to the infrastructure after the games are over — and on that front, Rio has ambitious plans. Future Arena, the handball venue, will be taken apart an...

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Team Singapore athletes, officials from Rio Olympics 'symptom-free' from Zika: SNOC

Team Singapore athletes, officials from Rio Oly...

channelnewsasia.com 27 Aug '16, 3pm

SINGAPORE: Athletes and officials who represented Singapore at the recent Rio Olympics have returned "safe and symptom-fre...

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