26 May '11, 8am

Wal-Mart Grant Gives U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce a Green Business Initiative for its Members

“Walmart has to be given credit for thinking outside the box on how to engage stakeholders on their key business issues of building a world class business and resource efficiency,” said Roth. “The global scale of Walmart’s sustainability initiatives are driving global change toward increased resource efficiency and a lower environmental footprint. Walmart is to be commended for reaching out to the Hispanic community to enable for them the type of success their company is achieving in adopting sustainable best practices.”

Full article: http://www.triplepundit.com/2011/05/wal-mart-grant-gives-...


How Walmart Became a Force for Nature

How Walmart Became a Force for Nature

greenbiz.com 25 May '11, 1pm

Business is business, they say, but I'm often reminded that business is personal, too. Back in about 2005, Lee Scott, who ...