28 Sep '12, 10am

Happy FSC® Friday! a global celebration of forests.

“Forests give us so much, and FSC Friday is a celebration of that. The Forest Stewardship Council has been helping consumers make responsible choices with regards to forest products and materials for nearly twenty years, and through FSC Friday we want to engage them to think responsibly about forests even further.” said Andre de Freitas, FSC Director General. Please look out for the FSC logo on FSC Friday and every day. By choosing FSC products, you are supporting the responsible management of the world’s forests to ensure that they exist for our children, for biodiversity and for the communities which depend on them. You really can make a difference to the world’s forests just by taking the time to check for the FSC logo. Forest owners, certificate holders, retailers and community groups will mark the day with events, promotions and activities. Whether it be a social netw...

Full article: http://www.fsc.org/events.331.164.htm