18 May '11, 5pm

The Cannibal Killers Behind the Perfect Rose

[Editor's Note: Canadians love a fresh bouquet, and not only in springtime. Here in B.C., flower purchases are up by a fifth in the last four years, and most of those blooms come from far, far away. The majority of fresh flowers sold here are imported, often from developing countries where nursery conditions have attracted criticism for being hard on the environment and exploitive of workers. So-called 'fair-trade' certifications, modeled on programs that certify everything from indulgences like coffee and chocolate to raw materials like lumber, now claim to assure customers that certain bouquets can be good for the conscience as well as the morale. But do such labels really represent better practices where our flowers are grown? Supported by Tyee readers through a Tyee Fellowship, reporter Gabriela Perdomo has been checking out the high valleys of South America's Andes th...

Full article: http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_23229.cfm