17 May '11, 1pm

Shell 'apologises' for worldwide damage in “erratum” to annual report <@foeint's spoof Shell report

The “erratum” published by Friends of the Earth International today highlights 12 cases from 5 different continents. It displays climate and other environmental impacts from Shell’s oil and gas operations, but also shows the involvement of Shell in the violation of human rights and labour irregularities, such as those resulting from Shell’s joint venture with Brazilian biofuel producer Cosan S.A., which has been linked to slave labour and violations of labour rights. Furthermore, the report lists cases of corruption and interference with politics in order to ensure business profits. The erratum, which should serve as a wake up call for Shell's shareholders and board, is backed by an in-depth report about the 12 cases involving life threatening pollution, bribery, slavery and violation of national and international laws.

Full article: http://www.foei.org/en/media/archive/2011/shell-apologise...