15 Sep '12, 11pm

There is nothing clean or sustainable about Belo Monte. #Brazil #HumanRights #belomonte #StopBelomon

According to a 2007 study published by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Brazil could cut its expected demand for electricity by 40% by 2020, if it invests in energy efficiency. The power saved would be equivalent to 14 Belo Monte hydroelectric plants and would result in national electricity savings of up to US$19 billion. Retrofitting existing hydroelectric infrastructure and investing in alternatives like solar and wind could add thousands of megawatts to Brazil's energy grid without needing to dam another river. On the other hand, Belo Monte would be one of the most inefficient dams in the history of Brazil, generating only 10% of its 11,233 megawatts (MW) installed capacity during the dry season, and an average of only 39% of its nominal capacity throughout the year.

Full article: http://amazonwatch.org/work/belo-monte-facts


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