09 Sep '12, 10pm

Rest in peace, Larry Gibson

Rest in peace, Larry Gibson

When he watched mountaintop removal mining raze the mountain all around his home and family’s land on Kayford Mountain in West Virginia, Larry Gibson became one of the country’s first people to speak out against this extreme and egregiously irresponsible mining practice. When there was hardly a gaggle of people brave enough to go against the grain of Big Coal in Appalachia, Larry railed against the destruction and injustice that he saw happening all around him. He bought himself some highlighter-yellow T-shirts and printed a simple message on them, calling for reinforcement from anyone with the courage to join the fight: "We Are the Keepers of the Mountains, Love Them or Leave Them, Just Don't Destroy Them. If You Dare to Be One Call 304-542-1134." Today, as he travels the country in his signature fluorescent shirts educating the public on through his Keeper of the Mountai...

Full article: http://earthjustice.org/mountain-heroes/larry-gibson


RIP, Larry Gibson: Longtime mountaintop-removal activist dies on mountain he loved

RIP, Larry Gibson: Longtime mountaintop-removal...

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“When it came time for him to walk through the coalfields [on a 1999 trip to raise awareness about MTR], people who had be...