11 May '11, 7pm

Cookbooks: Sheryl Crow's 'If It Makes You Healthy'

You’re probably familiar with Sheryl Crow's music and recognize the book’s name is a takeoff of her hit song, “If It Makes You Happy.” You might also know that the singer was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago. She calls that diagnosis a “game changer” with her diet. After years of eating whatever was within reach on the road, she hired Chuck White to cook for her, the band and crew for the group's summer tour following her radiation treatments. The first few pages of the book tell this story, and they shouldn’t be skipped over.

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Sheryl Crow Promotes All-Natural, Vegan Toothpaste

Sheryl Crow Promotes All-Natural, Vegan Toothpaste

ecorazzi.com 12 May '11, 3pm

When you use products it’s easy to avoid thinking about where they actually came from. But it’s important to use all natur...