10 May '11, 4am

Landscaping envy gone bad

Landscaping envy gone bad

In 2008, Thompson allegedly posted a Craigslist ad that invited users to stop by a suburban McHenry home and help thin out the property's front yard. This, of course, entailed folks helping themselves to flowers, bushes, and other plants (it's unclear if lawn ornaments were involved) for free — essentially, Thompson's post advertised a horticultural garage sale without price tags. And Craigslist users who caught the ad did just that: they swung by the home — shovels and hoes in tow, I'd like to think — and uprooted whatever was available for the taking. The only problem was that the home with all the flora up for grabs didn’t belong to Thompson. It belonged to a neighbor.

Full article: http://www.mnn.com/your-home/organic-farming-gardening/bl...


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How bad ideas keep rebounding into public discourse:

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