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Easy gluten free pot pie! #health #glutenfree #recipe #nutrition

Easy gluten free pot pie! #health #glutenfree #recipe #nutrition

Shirley Braden was diagnosed with gluten intolerance in June 2003. She writes the popular gluten-free blog, gfe—gluten free easily. She also leads the King George Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Group, which she formed in 2004. Shirley also serves on the core council of a large GIG group, as well as contributing to and editing its quarterly newsletter. Her mission is to educate all about the effects of gluten on one’s health and share her gfe approach, which focuses primarily on real food, but also includes some mainstream processed foods that are gluten free, and a few gluten-free specialty foods. She believes that the gfe approach is a simpler, healthier, less expensive way to eat gluten free. Shirley often shares her gfe approach in local forums like health fairs and community events. Read more about Shirley Braden and her work in the gluten-free community.

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