08 May '11, 5am

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One month ago, Mayor Bloomberg released his $3.3 billion, new waterfront plan for New York City, called "Vision 2020". The plan is the city's first comprehensive waterfront plan and it aims to integrate the waterfront into New Yorker's lives. New York City has 520 miles of waterfront, more miles of waterfront than Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, and Portland. The city's goal is to get New Yorkers out to the water's edge, and in some cases, even in the water. The roughly 200 page plan encompasses everything from protecting water quality to supporting the working waterfront. Vision 2020 envisions a New York where residents can commute via ferry using their Metrocards and canoe, kayak, and swim in the Hudson and East Rivers.

Full article: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2011/04/nyc-big-plans-wat...