05 May '11, 3am

China's log, sawnwood imports jump

China's log, sawnwood imports jump

CITATION: mongabay.com (May 05, 2011). China's log, sawnwood imports jump. http://news.mongabay.com/2011/0505-china_wood_imports.html Tags : china china's demand for resources forestry green environment logging print Select a News Topic MAIN INDEX ALL TOPICS Africa Amazon Animal Behavior Animals Antarctica Asia Australia Biodiversity Biofuels Borneo Brazil Carbon Finance China Climate Change Congo Conservation Coral Reefs Deforestation Energy Environment Environmental Politics Ethanol Extinction Featured Forests Green Business Green Design Greenland-Arctic Happy-Upbeat Indigenous People Indonesia Interviews Logging Madagascar New Guinea Oceans Palm Oil Pollution Positive News Primates Rainforests REDD Species Discovery Strange Technology Wildlife Environmental news index | RSS | News Feed | Twitter | Home

Full article: http://news.mongabay.com/2011/0505-china_wood_imports.html


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