02 May '11, 5pm

Bike commuting isn't just good for the planet, it's also incredibly fun.

The humble bicycle is one of the most efficient modes of travel in the world. But that's just the beginning — it's also a helluva good time. In fact, there are few climate-changing actions you can take that are more fun than riding a bike to get around. (Okay, changing lightbulbs has its moments.) Wondering how to get started? We've brought together all the information you'll need to start bike commuting in a hurry.

Full article: http://www.sierraclub.org/sierra/201003/bikes.aspx


Meet the world’s most high-tech bike:

Meet the world’s most high-tech bike:

grist.org 03 May '11, 4pm

It's pretty impressive that we're still chugging along on human-powered vehicles only a step more high-tech than a velocip...

Pedaling toward a postcarbon future #bike #bikecommuting

Pedaling toward a postcarbon future #bike #bike...

sierraclub.org 25 Apr '11, 2am

sierraclub.org - sierra magazine - march/april 2010 - look ma, no car! Look Ma, No Car! Pedaling toward a postcarbon futur...