02 May '11, 3pm

Unilever’s Triple Win Sustainability Strategy

As I toured Unilever’s facilities in Brampton Ontario, John Coyne told me Unilever does it for the customers, for the environment, and for profits. “When consumers think about our brands and the sustainability messages around our brand, we think they will look at us, congratulate us for taking a leadership role in this space, and reward us with purchases. That’s how we think our sustainability model will lead us to growth. So getting the word out to the consumers and to our business partners such as Walmart is a very important part of this strategy.”

Full article: http://www.environmentalleader.com/2011/05/02/unilevers-t...


Unilever Is Going All Out To Become Sustainable

triplepundit.com 03 May '11, 9am

Unilever, the large British/Dutch multinational company, is going all out when it comes to sustainability, including purch...