01 May '11, 1pm

What My Puppy Taught Me About Being an Omnivore

What My Puppy Taught Me About Being an Omnivore Image: Christine Lepisto The natural instincts driving puppies can barely be hemmed by us humans, even if we think we know better. Take eating, for example. Puppies chew on everything. A hierarchy evolves: things that are fun to rip and tear but must be shimmied off the tongue when the fun ends; specks that can be hunted off the floor or out of the fields, chewed and swallowed without a thought to potential gastrointestinal distress; and the dog kibbles. Navigating a confusing multiplicity of food choices confronts every person who is sensitive to the impacts of diet on our health and on our planet. But somehow, making these choices for a puppy puts things in a new perspective. View the entire comment thread.

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What My Dog Taught Me About Being an Omnivore

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Perplexed Puppy (cute video)

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Melissa Breyer is the Senior Editor for Healthy and Green Living. She is a writer and editor with a background in sustaina...