30 Apr '11, 8am

Dog Vs. Duckling - Guess Who Wins? VIDEO:

Dog Vs. Duckling - Guess Who Wins? VIDEO:

If you do not stop promoting/posting this kind of trash from YouTube, then there will definitely be a petition AGAINST your site to see that it gets banned. So many others on this site have agreed that you are moving in the WRONG direction. Where do you see the humor in this video clip?! You all must really be a sick lot. One minute you're against this this type of tripe and the next you're all for it! Stop the contradictions, stop the repeat offenses, stop the constant stupidity, and start making changes for the better (like what this site is supposed to represent) or else your site will be on the menu for a permanent CHANGE!

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#Cute Dog Makes Adorable Baby Laugh (Short Video) {Care2)

#Cute Dog Makes Adorable Baby Laugh (Short Vide...

care2.com 30 Apr '11, 3am

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