29 Apr '11, 3pm

AIA on the International Green Construction Code (IGCC)

The AIA’s participation in the development of the International Green Construction Code (IGCC) has revealed two important yet distinct areas for evaluation and action for building design professionals. Technical content, and how it affects green building design, and how it involves how architects and other design professionals practice. The presentation covers technical content and examines the potential legal-and practice-related issues that come out of turning best practices into minimum requirements for every project.

Full article: http://www.environmentalleader.com/2011/04/29/aia-on-the-...


Op-Ed: Eco-Conscious Construction

Op-Ed: Eco-Conscious Construction

earth911.com 02 May '11, 11am

As we all know, the housing market continues to be one of the primary sectors lagging in our economy, behind jobs and manu...

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We also carry out scientific priority-setting analyses, putting together the data we currently have on species diversity w...

Green Construction Needs to Go Viral:

Green Construction Needs to Go Viral:

greenbuildingelements.com 26 Apr '11, 4pm

Many people, (me included) are intimidated by the unknown. Green construction has been one of these unknowns. There is so ...