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Low levels of caffeine found in waters of the Pacific Northwest

31 Jul 2012: Low Levels of Caffeine Found In Waters of U.S. Pacific Northwest In a new study, scientists document low levels of caffeine pollution in the waters off the Oregon coast, fresh evidence that contaminants from human waste are entering marine ecosystems with unknown risks to wildlife and human health. In a series of tests conducted at 14 coastal locations, researchers found that The Clean Water Act at 40: There’s Still Much Left to Do The Clean Water Act of 1972, one of the boldest environmental laws ever enacted, turns 40 this year, with an impressive record of cleaning up America's waterways. But, as Paul Greenberg writes, from New York Harbor to Alaska’s Bristol Bay, key challenges remain. READ THE E360 REPORT caffeine levels were higher — about 45 nanograms per liter — in remote waters, while levels were below reporting limits (about 9 nanograms per liter) ne...

Full article: http://e360.yale.edu/digest/low_levels_of_caffeine_found_...


The Pacific Ocean is becoming caffeinated:

The Pacific Ocean is becoming caffeinated:

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Photo courtesy of Shutterstock . The whole “people in the Pacific Northwest drink too much coffee” thing has gotten to be ...

Winners of #MozCation 2012

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