25 Apr '11, 11pm

7 Mood-Improving Foods

7 Mood-Improving Foods

We medicate our bodies three times a day with the foods we eat. The cleaner your diet, the better you feel. If you choose high quality whole foods you’re less likely to endure the ups and downs of a high sugar, high fat diet. But beyond choosing healthy foods, we can make marked changes in our moods with the foods we eat. From too much caffeine to not enough whole grains , your diet impacts your mood. Feeling angry or maybe a bit blue? Or maybe you’re over stressed and under nourished. Change your diet and change your life. It’s that simple and we’ve got the mood foods that give you the most bang for your buck. From depression to anxiety, change your mood by changing your food . Here how: 1. Feeling Sad? Your diet can make you depressed or just the opposite. Magnesium is a mineral that’s known for producing serotonin , the body’s feel good medicine. Good sources of magnesi...

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