23 Apr '11, 1pm

Penguins in Peril ~ ~ #Eco #Green #Travel #Wildlife

Penguins in Peril ~ ~ #Eco #Green #Travel #Wildlife

He had arrived just as man-made climate change began to cause the mass melting of Antarctica’s glaciers and a rapid decline in winter sea ice. By the late 1980s, numbers of chinstrap penguins and fur seals were unexpectedly booming. Conventional wisdom held that this new abundance was a side effect of the destruction of baleen whale populations in the Southern Ocean by commercial whalers, which left an unusual bounty of krill, the tiny crustaceans that feed many of the large animals of the Antarctic. That theory proved wrong, however, and Fraser was among the first to piece together the real story: Adélie penguins are disappearing as the sea ice where they spend the winter dwindles. Meanwhile, Antarctic creatures that prefer open water -- including gentoo penguins and fur seals -- are increasing and spreading farther south.

Full article: http://www.onearth.org/article/penguins-in-peril


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