22 Apr '11, 4am

The Best Earth Day Haikus

Each morning we posted a handful of guiding topics. The array of topics we offered are listed below--each linked to more information about why they're important, thought-provoking and relevant--alongside the rest of the haikus posted during the week. It's a long list, but we really enjoyed reading the great variety of entries and thought you might as well. Thank you for your great submissions!

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Send Us Your Best Earth Day Haikus

switchboard.nrdc.org 12 Apr '11, 7pm

You may post as many haikus as you like on any or all of the day's topics. We will tweet the day's topics every morning at...

What does Nature give us?

news.mongabay.com 22 Apr '11, 3am

World failing on every environmental issue: an op-ed for Earth Day (04/22/2010) The biodiversity crisis, the climate crisi...

10 Best+Movies+for+Earth+Day:

10 Best+Movies+for+Earth+Day:

care2.com 21 Apr '11, 3am

As research for his next book, Colin Beaven leaves behind his average, modern lifestyle and engages his family in an exper...

Happy Earth Day From Our Editor

Happy Earth Day From Our Editor

earth911.com 21 Apr '11, 7pm

Raquel Fagan, Executive Editor for Earth911 It’s 5 a.m. and I’m sitting in an airport, but I’m happy. As I wait to board a...

Earth Day Is Not A Holiday For Shopping

Earth Day Is Not A Holiday For Shopping

thegoodhuman.com 19 Apr '11, 5pm

Starting every year around April 1, I start getting PR emails from companies wanting me to pitch their products in time fo...

Is Earth Day Overhyped?

Is Earth Day Overhyped?

greenbiz.com 18 Apr '11, 12pm

Now in its 41st year, Earth Day has become a staple in communities, schools and businesses. But what is its utility these ...

Companies Announce Earth Day Promotions: Electr...

environmentalleader.com 15 Apr '11, 6pm

With Earth Day approaching rapidly, it is definitely a great time be thinking about what each of us can do to help upkeep ...