19 Apr '11, 6pm

Scientists urge Papua New Guinea to declare moratorium on massive forest clearing

5 million hectares of Papua New Guinea forests handed to foreign corporations (03/23/2011) During a meeting in March 2011 twenty-six experts—from biologists to social scientists to NGO staff—crafted a statement calling on the Papua New Guinea government to stop granting Special Agricultural and Business Leases. According to the group, these leases, or SABLs as they are know, circumvent Papua New Guinea's strong community land rights laws and imperil some of the world's most intact rainforests. To date 5.6 million hectares (13.8 million acres) of forest have been leased under SABLs, an area larger than all of Costa Rica. "Papua New Guinea is among the most biologically and culturally diverse nations on Earth. [The country's] remarkable diversity of cultural groups rely intimately on their traditional lands and forests in order to meet their needs for farming plots, forest g...

Full article: http://news.mongabay.com/2011/0419-hance_atbc_sabls.html


Eating with Cannibals in Papua New Guinea

Eating with Cannibals in Papua New Guinea

environmentalgraffiti.com 08 Apr '11, 10pm

Piers Gibbon traveled to Papua New Guinea's Western Province to try and discover if the practice is still going on and why...