18 Apr '11, 12pm

The Emergence of VERGE

The Emergence of VERGE

This week, GreenBiz Group is unveiling a new initiative called VERGE, focusing on the convergence of four technology sectors: vehicles, information, buildings and energy. It represents an exciting new dimension for us, and I’m pleased to share the vision and the plan. Over the past few years, I’ve been watching -- and speaking about -- this convergence, and its potential for business, society and the environment. VERGE is about a interconnected world, in which this technological mashup yields a diverse array of products and services that aren’t just greener -- with potentially dramatic reductions in energy, water and materials use as well as in waste and emissions -- but also better . We’ve witnessed other such technological mashups in recent years. In fact, most of us now carry around the fruits of the convergence of computers, telephones, media and commerce. It’s called ...

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