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Graphic Horror - Italy's Shame - Dog Torture Kennels! | Care2 Share: via @addthis

Friday February 19, 2010, 1:24 pm Eureka's story, the pics of those poor animals made me ill. Personal experience verifies their plight. A few years ago, I lived in Sicily, near Marsala, and drove to Catania on a bi-monthly basis. I never saw so many stray dogs in any other place in the world that I have ever lived. I never heard of this shelter scam until today (in the U.S.) While in Marsala, we had a wonderful Italian veterinarian, to whom we frequently brought our dog & 2 cats. Then I found a 21 day old abandoned kitten, who became my 3rd cat. While I saw a lot of other very caring Italian pet owners, in the vet's ofc and in our neighborhood, there was also a horrible stray problem in our neighborhood. All of us were average working people of all nationalities, usually pet owners, who couldn't afford to personally trap, spay/neuter & feed all the strays. Strays don't ge...

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Resources to Green Your Dog | Care2 Healthy & Green Living

Resources to Green Your Dog | Care2 Healthy & G...

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I’ve been feeling remiss lately, as my poor sweet dog has been living on kibble for the last few days because I have been ...

Dog Helps Feed Baby Goats (Video)

Dog Helps Feed Baby Goats (Video)

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How to share a cow

How to share a cow

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“I was like, I want to get a pig from Brock Fulmer from Black Sheep Farm. I called Brock up. You have to get some informat...



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