13 Apr '11, 9pm

FLASHBACK: Donald Trump and his hair join the climate zombies

I believe that the French call a bald man’s pate a ‘flies’ aerodrome’ or did in the past. Trump appears to possess a ‘flies’ ski-jump’, or just the comb-forward from Hell. It must be a wonder to behold in a strong breeze. I think having a billionaire as Boss (and not a semi-lucid one like Bloomberg) is a good development. That the formerly hidden plutocracy is now taking over directly might wake up a few people, but, after decades of being brainwashed into believing that the rich are a moral and intellectual elite (by the rich men’s MSM, of course)and that the poor are poverty-stricken due to their innate laziness and fecklessness, the serfs will probably vote for Trump, as they have for Berlusconi in Italy or Thaksin in Thailand and several others. Perhaps Donald just needs to add a little ‘bunga-bunga’ to his appeal to romp in.

Full article: http://climateprogress.org/2011/04/13/donald-trump-climat...


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