29 Dec '14, 12am

"The truth is, no one knows what will happen to the oil price. And anyone who says they do is lying."

2014, the year... the oil price plummeted No one saw it coming, but the crash in the global oil price could have huge implications for global decarbonisation efforts

Full article: http://www.businessgreen.com/bg/feature/2387849/2014-the-...


#singaporeans r talkg abt 29-Dec-14: #sgpol #sgelections #oursgconv #QZ8501

#singaporeans r talkg abt 29-Dec-14: #sgpol #sg...

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Trade fairs, Greed & AHPETC’s Real Motive – [FB] Chen Jiaxi Bernard: “1. Are town councils allowed to earn money…” – Liked...

Bitcoin Price Noodles Down

Bitcoin Price Noodles Down

cryptocoinsnews.com 01 Jan '15, 2pm

. This type of divergence between indicator and price is called reverse (hidden) divergence and is annotated in magenta on...

Cheap Oil: Nemesis Or Sideshow?

Cheap Oil: Nemesis Or Sideshow?

altenergystocks.com 29 Dec '14, 3pm

Next economics posits that for the global economy and earth's tolerances/carrying capacities to run in a mutually tolerabl...