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Vanishing mangroves are carbon sequestration powerhouses

Vanishing mangroves are carbon sequestration powerhouses

NASA images reveal disappearing mangroves worldwide (12/01/2010) In August, NASA and the US Geological Survey released the first-ever satellite analysis of the world's mangrove ecosystems. What they found was dire: mangroves covered 12.3% less area than previously estimated. Now, NASA has released images of the world's mangrove ecosystems (see below), which currently cover 137,760 square kilometers. Yet this number keeps shrinking: mangroves are vanishing rapidly due to rising sea levels, deforestation for coastal developments, agriculture and aquaculture. Slight rise in mangrove forests in Eastern India (11/29/2010) While mangrove forests are vanishing around the world, the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests is reporting a slight uptick of mangrove forests along the nation's eastern coast. According to a report, mangroves expanded from 4,581 square kilometers in 2...

Full article: http://news.mongabay.com/2011/0405-hance_mangroves.html


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Mr. Chairman, the other witnesses you have heard are pursuing a false story-line that demonizes the Environmental Protecti...

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grist.org 05 Apr '11, 9pm

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