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Anacostia River Cleanup and Protection Act Anti-Beach Litter Enforcement arinconvenienttruth-Bike Path, Rincón, Puerto Rico Asbury, NJ Atlantic Beach Protective Dune Ordinance Beach Act Funding Beach Fill Sand Sharing Beach Tidal Monitoring CA Ocean Action Plan California Oil Leases Central CA: Big Wave Development in Princeton Central CA: Blue Water Pismo Central CA: Central Coast Region Ag Waiver Central CA: Los Osos Wastewater Facility Central CA: MLPA Initiative North Central Coast Central CA: Monterey Regional Water Supply projects (alternatives to the CWP desal plant) Central CA: Monterey Single-Use Bag Ordinance Central CA: MPWC's in Monterey Bay Sanctuary / Central Coast Central CA: Plankton Not Plastics: Monterey Polystyrene Bans Central CA: Pleasure Point Seawall Central CA: Santa Cruz Single-Use Bag Ordinance Central CA: Surfer's Beach Erosion Central CA: Wipe O...

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Do Tea Party, Heritage Foundation Oppose Hunting?

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' (another shorthand for the CRP) are typically steep and vulnerable to erosion or low and vulnerable to seasonal inundati...