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Fruit-centered desserts and snacks

Fruit-centered desserts and snacks

If you take a perfectly ripe banana and freeze it, you can whip it into a wonderful soft-serve ice cream in the food processor. One-ingredient ice cream with no added sugar? Pretty cool (no pun intended). You can get more ideas from "Fresh, Nourishing Salads for all Seasons, " in which I share a few simple ideas for fruit salads where I pair two in-season fruits, such as melon and blueberries together. I really like to combine two fruits together in a fruit salad. It seems very elegant and more fun than serving them by themselves. In my book. I also share a simple mint honey syrup that you can use to sweeten and flavor it with, but it’s good by itself too. Of course, you can make fruit salad more complicated as well! All to say, enjoy making fruit salads, unadorned or adorned with a creamy yogurt sauce, honey syrup, or whatever you fancy.

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