14 Mar '12, 12pm



That said, I am hugely impressed by Amazon’s strong commitment to a walkable urban environment in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood , where the company is finishing its new headquarters Located right on the Seattle Streetcar line , the 1.7 million square feet of office space will comprise eleven separate buildings, including two historic buildings that are being adaptively reused. The company's new headquarters is distributed along a highly connected street grid amidst some 3,000 residential units and a large variety of shops and services, including 100,000 square feet of new ground-level retail within Amazon's own buildings.

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Boeing’s Giant Flying Tadpole Makes First Taxi Runs

Boeing’s Giant Flying Tadpole Makes First Taxi ...

defensetech.org 13 Mar '12, 3pm

So uh, yeah. That awkward-looking thing is Boeing’s Phantom Eye high-altitude UAV design doing a 30-knot taxi test at Edwa...