09 Mar '12, 5pm

New SimCity has SimClimateChange

SimCity is back (or will be in 2013), and looking pretty damn awesome. And now, along with public approval and municipal funds and Godzilla attacks, there’s a new factor to juggle: Making lousy energy choices can force your city to contend with climate change. SimCity has had a pollution component for a long time — it wouldn’t be semi-realistic urban planning if you didn’t have to contend with filth. But in the new SimCity, your choices will affect neighboring cities as well. Your dirty coal power plants can affect other cities’ air quality, and eventually raise greenhouse gas levels overall. But if you can balance the game’s finite resources by using renewable energy, everyone benefits. Until Godzilla shows up.

Full article: http://grist.org/list/new-simcity-has-simclimatechange/


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