07 Mar '12, 5pm

Statin Cholesterol Drug Muscle Toxicity

Never before have so many Americans been on so many medications. Our solution is the "quick fix" of a pill. All these drugs are damaging our health. I do not oppose medication that is truly needed, but come on! Many of these medications don't tell you that although they may improve quality of life in the short term, the side effects they cause reduce longevity, some by as much as twenty years. That's why doctors used to only prescribe them to patients for whom other treatments (such as dietary) failed. Now, there is no personal care or interaction between doctor and patient and the lure of the drug company incentives is overwhelming. Cholesterol is a serious issue, but I would advise people to regard these medicines only as the lesser of two evils.

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60 suspected drug offenders nabbed in Geylang area

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