03 Mar '12, 2pm

[email protected]: The Unconquered: In Search of the Amazon's Last Uncontacted Tribes

Uncontacted groups pose a powerful counter-point to the notion that civilization and modernity are the best path for all people. We have over five centuries of evidence about what contact implies for any indigenous group: an initial decimation of population through violence and disease, a direct attack on their cultural, spiritual and linguistic norms, and often enduring impoverishment. What would our reaction be to the invasion of aliens if we knew this would be our collective fate? If Hollywood is any indication (e.g., Battle: LA , in which the aliens are in search of natural resources to plunder), we certainly wouldn't embrace it. Uncontacted groups are the personification of the "fight or flight" reaction of humans to traumatic circumstances.

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A must read for B2B!

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