01 Mar '12, 5pm

Hot buttered sloths in pajamas

What do you do when orphaned baby sloths are afflicted with mange? Shave them, rub them with lard, and wrap them in sloth pajamas. Judy Avey-Arroyo of the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica has invented this ointment-and-swaddling method of dealing with parasitic skin infections in baby sloths. It’s work-intensive — there’s not much that’s harder to handle than a greased-up baby animal, and she has to hold the sloths still long enough to wrap them in bandages. But swaddling the sloths allows the sulfur-based ointment to do its work, without the babies licking it off or aggravating their condition.

Full article: http://grist.org/list/hot-buttered-sloths-in-pajamas/


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