31 May '14, 12pm

Photo: Litter of raccoon kits

Photo: Litter of raccoon kits

My father took this photo of a little of raccoon kits enjoying some cat food in Dearborn, Michigan. Like many animals, raccoons give birth in the spring to give their young the best chance of survival before winter. By the end of May, the kits are big enough to go out exploring for food with their mother. Would you like to see your nature photo featured on TreeHugger? Join the TreeHugger Photo Pool on Flickr and add your photos to the group!

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New Tokyo photo post up!

New Tokyo photo post up!

cheeserland.com 01 Jun '14, 6am

I’m really having some beef with the beef sold in Malaysia. Sorry for the pun. Went to Gyukaku the other day (was craving ...

June Photo A Day Challenge {#30summerdays}

June Photo A Day Challenge {#30summerdays}

carrotsncake.com 31 May '14, 1pm

I’m working with Staples on a fun project for the month of June. The company recently sent me a new camera to capture 30 d...

Europe's best secret seaside hotels! Perfect fo...

cntraveller.com 09 Jun '14, 10am

If you want a taste of what Capri and St Tropez were like in the 1950s, but for a smidgeon of the price, Monopoli is the s...

Suck a sick #Wakeboaridng sequence! #Wake photo

wakeboard.com.sg 01 Jun '14, 4pm

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