30 Dec '11, 4pm

‘Micro-lofts’ are luxury shantytowns for hipsters

‘Micro-lofts’ are luxury shantytowns for hipsters

Vancouver has come up with a unique solution to the outrageous cost of housing in the city: Murphy everything. A local construction company is building a block of tiny apartments, each the size of a one-car garage, and making them livable by turning their walls into the domestic equivalents of pop-up books. The "micro-lofts" are located in the century-old Burns Block building in Vancouver's Gastown neighborhood, and they can be had for $850 a month, a price I would have killed for when I was living in one of the many neighborhoods in New York that included the word "murder" or "die" in their informal nicknames and/or slogans. Livability can be squeezed into such a tiny space by re-purposing it for all the functions of life. Everything in the apartment can be tucked away and taken out only when it's needed. It's the urban equivalent of a Tiny Home.

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