22 Dec '11, 2pm

Whole Foods is a little confused about Chanukah

Whole Foods is a little confused about Chanukah

Oh, Whole Foods. Haven't you heard of seasonal eating? (Via Marjorie Ingall , who took this photo in New York, a city where you can buy a knish at a roadside stand but where Whole Foods apparently still doesn't know what Jews eat.)

Full article: http://www.grist.org/list/2011-12-22-whole-foods-is-a-lit...


For the little one… via @redmummydotcom

redmummy.com 28 Dec '11, 1am

memandangkan aku ni pun dah bape minggu on long mc kan, so beranak2 pun blom lagik (as per this entry is out), apa lagik, ...

Nice pic : Whole island submerged then can call...

mrbrown.com 25 Dec '11, 2am

Whole island submerged then can call it "Flood" Dear iPhone autocorrect… mrbrown goes to Nirwana Gardens, Bintan the mrbro...

@Glabbergaster @EdEddEde watch the whole video LOL

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One reason many of us feel so bad the morning after a drinking session is because alcohol depletes your system of essentia...