12 Dec '11, 5pm

The Enemy Speaks--Labeling of Biotech Foods Is Unnecessary and Unconstitutional

For related articles and more information, please visit OCA's Genetic Engineering page and our Millions Against Monsanto page . There are good reasons that such "tinkering at the DNA level" need not be revealed on labels. Federal regulation requires that food labels be truthful and not misleading and prohibits label statements that could be misunderstood, even if they are strictly accurate. For example, although a "cholesterol-free" label on a certain variety or batch of fresh spinach would be accurate, it transgresses the FDA's rules because it could be interpreted as implying that spinach usually contains cholesterol, which it does not. Following long-standing precedents in food regulation, the FDA requires labeling only to indicate that a new food raises questions of safety, nutrition or proper usage. But instead of educating or serving a legitimate consumers' "need to ...

Full article: http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_24484.cfm


Ellen DeGeneres To Launch Vegan Pet Foods Line

Ellen DeGeneres To Launch Vegan Pet Foods Line

ecorazzi.com 12 Dec '11, 5pm

are reportedly planning to launch a line of vegan pet foods. According to The West Australian , it’s still unknown when th...